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03.16.2013 , 05:52 PM | #1
While lvling an alt I had an idea about how to add a new, but special, type of class for the republic and empire. I call them "Elite Class". Basically the idea is this:

1. In order to unlock the class you must have at least two lvl 50 charas of the same TYPE of class (i.e. force user or non-force user) on the same server.
At least 4-5 lvl 50 charas of any combination on the same server.

Alternative Idea addition - POSSIBLY a certain overall gear rating for each of the lvl 50s that you need to unlock the class. So for example if Bioware set it so that you need two 50s of the same type of class, and you have a marauder and sorcerer, then you would need to meet a minimum requirement of overall gear rating of each one of those. This is just an idea to make it harder if they wanted.

Once the requirements are met then the class is unlocked to make on the character creation screen. Unlocks for races would be applied also. Since I play Empire the idea I had for the first Elite Class would be a Imperial Guard class. Due to their elite status, yet rarity, I figured it would be a fitting class to have to unlock. I'm not sure what would be a good Repub Elite Class.

Thoughts and ideas?