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Assembling the Team

Major Backblast crossed his hands behind has back, looking over his new squad. The five of them would be going to Makeb, a planet inhabited by the Hutt Cartels, to make sure there would be no threat. Backblast had insisted Major Prudii of Havoc Squad would be better for this job. General Garza had insisted Havoc was needed elsewhere.

So, Backblast had reluctantly accepted.

An interesting squad, he thought. His XO was a dreadlock-haired man with a missing eye, much like Backblast's own. He looked rough and had an odd habit of passing his rifle back and forth between his left hand and his right.

"So, Lieutenant Rogers," he said. "How did you get the scar?"

Rogers grinned. "Went head-to-head with a Sith Marauder, sir. You should see the other guy."

"Good man."

Sergeant Lamming was a handsome man, tattooed with black arrows. He had tan hair that he kept tousled.

"Sergeant," Backblast said. "How did you attain your rank?"

"When my CO went down in combat," Lamming replied evenly, "I led the remnants of our platoon in an attack on the walker heading the Imperial column. We won."

Backblast nodded, moved over. The next man was squinty-eyed, with bushy sideburns and dark hair. A scar criss-crossed his face.

"Specialist Arden," Backblast said. "Nice scar."

Arden rubbed it. "I suppose it is. Fought a Mandalorian swordsman with a shiv."

"We'll need that. Good."

The last soldier was a woman, white-haired with both her eyes replaced by cybernetics. She wore a technician's badge.

"Technician Urress," he said. "Cybernetics?"

"Replaced my own eyes, sir," she said grimly.

"Oh-kay," he replied. "And...why?"

"Because now I don't need to blink. Blinking can ruin a tech's life."

Ah. He simply nodded to her, not sure what to say. He backed away from the squad.

"All right," he said. "Everyone gear up. We move out in an hour."