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These will be unrelated shorts (some serious, some funny) that happen between my previous story, Legacy of Destruction, and the ROTHC expansion (I will be writing another full story after ROTHC). Enjoy!


Karaoke Night

As usual, Dankin found the most unusual cantinas.

Sitting in the far back booth, he facepalmed epically as a Rodian tried (and failed) to sing an upbeat jazz-wail song. As he crescendoed into the final notes, Dankin thought his ears might actually fall off, so he reached up and rubbed them.

Karaoke night? At a cantina? Where people, ah, drank?

Bad idea.

Unfortunately, the more drunken patrons loved it to pieces, so it kept going. Dankin never thought he'd hear a Trandoshan mating song in a cantina, and he really, really wished he hadn't. So. Of course Dankin's companions would think it was fun and give it a try.

Risha was an adequate singer, but she missed several notes by a lot. Dankin winced each time, hoping no one else noticed.

Guss hopped on the stage and tried to regale the audience with a head-banging Baka rock song. Tried being the operative words. Dankin had heard Mon Calamari operas before and had assumed they were all fantastic singers.

Guss must have missed those genes.

Bowdaar got up on stage and began singing a Wookiee folk song, only to collapse from too much alcohol halfway through an admittedly adequate song.

Corso began singing an upbeat Ord Mantell country song about Life in the Space Lanes. When he finished, the audience, including Dankin, roared with applause. He bowed, stepped off the stage, and modestly returned to his seat.

Then it was Akaavi's turn. With her voice, though he loved her, Dankin was fearing the worst. To his surprise, he was wrong, completely wrong. She sang a Mandalorian war chant, beginning in low tones.

"Kote...kandosii sa ka'tra, mhi vode an....bal kote, darasuum kote! Jorso'ran, kando a tome! Sa ky'ram, nau tracyn, kad vode an!"

Silently, with no applause but everyone staring agape, Akaavi left the stage.