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I'm currently playing a marauder (level 36) that I've gone back to after a long break. She is a bit of a mess and I'm seriously considering starting over, using this guide (many MANY thanks Megatfx - soooo much useful info here). Do you think this is a good idea or should I just persevere? She's currently a synthweaver but has hardly used this craft.
if you're leel 36 you shouldn't be worried about your gear yet. just start saving your WZ comms and make sure that you have 40 valor when you hit level 40 so that you can convert WZ comms to RWZ comms. from level 40 to 50, pvp as much as needed so that you're capped on WZ and RWZ comms when you hit 50. then go to the first page of this thread and follow the advice that's been given for level 50 players