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Actually, on the subject of Harbinger, cheating and Jango Fett...I did see a powertech use a speed boost in PVP the other day.

I was on my sorc in Novare Coast running from south to east. Pop my speed buff and a powertech actually managed to somehow run *past* me. He was on my team. I didn't want to report it because maybe I missed something but unless I'm mistaken there's nothing a PT can do that would make them go faster than a 300% speed buff right?

I know about hydraulic overrides, but that's only 30% right?
All the PvP WZs have a speed pick up and if you're running from south to east, there's one tucked in the rocks there in that little valley just north of the southern bunker.

I have witnessed a few hacks in the game, all on the Imp side. Sorry, not singling them out, just MY expirience. I've witnessed a sorc speed run from thier side of the middle of the huttball field to score a goal, (I have a Sage and an Assassin, you CAN'T DO IT) and I've had an operative I believe was lvl 38 at the time do 4k of damage on me. I know going in lowbie PvP you get boosts to lvl 49, but you keep the skills you've got so far (i.e. a lvl 49 player will have more attacks than a lvl 25 player in the same WZ) and I don't know of any class that can do 4k damage at once (I could be wrong, so if I am please, PLEASE, enlighten me). They were with a whole group of players who I think were using hacks and I do believe most of us in the WZ reported them. I have heard of people teleporting but I have yet to see it myself.

Now on this subject, I'm wondering if there's a resolve hack. I have noticed in the WZs, if a player has enough stuns thrown on them, they have their resolve go up and you get an IMMUNE pop up. Ok with this in mind why is it I can be on a toon with limited stuns and get stunned by 3 or 4 players (usually Imp) stun the crap out of me and when I try it on my Imp toon with many stuns it never works? I've read that the Imps can chain stun. How is this possible? What about the resolve kicking in? Am I wrong? This why I'm asking, so I can be enlightened and not flamed, and improve MY PvP expirience.