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this ^

revan is not even a fraction of how epic is luke skywalker.

and btw,revan is a jedith sorsager.
I disagree. i think the story line of everything up to the last movie in the series is better then anything after... the books and in general the gross push to make the dead then alive sidius and luke gods lost me and my respect for star wars for a while. the revisit via the clone wars, and everything in the old republic eras is far more attractive.

Characters in the books and stories actually were treated as, well human, that had real competition both among their enemies and peers. to me everthing after the movies was look being a demi god and sidius randomly rolling up with no one offering a drop of competition.

i have more respect for the emperor of the old republic who had to build his power base, skills, and abilities largely from scratch or through pillaging and stealing of other sith all while surviving and subjugating the entire sith empire full of very powerful force users. all while being at war with jedi and republic troops who also had large amounts of competent and legit force users vs sidius that used deception and ignorance to build a power base (jedi didnt know of his existence) and with relatively few sith to compete against. or luke that pretty much to me seemed to be given things after the movies concluded (he had his struggles but still) and had few jedi to even be around let alone compete with for top dog. essentially sidious and luke are top dogs by default of being the only truly powerful beings of their time. vs everything that came before.

and im not convinced sidious is even better the palagieous in terms of might just better as assassination...