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I'd just like to note that I do necro threads somewhat rarely (but I make sure that it's constructive and relevant), and those that say "Can I have your stuff?" are really just trying to be funny I guess. I hope you guys are somewhat more lenient on things the previous Community mods weren't able to be lenient on. I swear, it was impossible to make near-bashful remarks. Not that they're bad, but as long as they don't seem to be getting a rise out of anyone (like, getting any persons mad) then leave them be. Some near-bashful threads/posts can be constructive at times.

Also—one question. Any previous infractions placed on anyone's account can't message for it to be reversed for any reason whatsoever?
I guess the short answer here is that if you have already attempted to dispute and if the dispute was denied then yes, the infraction will stand. We are looking to change the rules moving forward and not looking behind.

Quote: Originally Posted by irishfino View Post
On thread necro: What if the thread is being necro'd because the topic is relevant and creating another thread for it is redundant?
Necroing is totally fine, especially when it is relevant.
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