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Hi folks!

To piggyback a bit on what Eric's announced above with regards to Scalene Armor in patch 1.7.2:

In addition to removing Golden Scalene Armor with the next patch, your feedback prompted us to reduce the level requirement on all Cosmetic Galactic Reputation rewards to level 10. This includes Voss Ambassador's, Hyperspace Hotshot, Section Guardian, and all Scalene Armor.

In making this change, testing revealed that the Golden Scalene Armor's level requirement was also raised from 1 to 10. This means that players wearing the armor who are under level 10 won't get any benefit from the armor until the bug is fixed (we plan to deploy the fix with the patch following 1.7.2). We'll be sure this makes it on the Known Issues after the patch, but we wanted to let everyone know about this now. That way, if this will affect you and you're so inclined, you can hop on and level your characters to 10 before we deploy the patch!

One final related thing I wanted to slip in for anyone who didn't see my post here. Companion Characters will be able to wear Reputation gear after Patch 1.7.2.

Please remember that testing can always prove to delay things, so if any of this changes, I'll let you know.
My jaw dropped. I'm sold. This is a new Bioware. Major kudos.

Edit: I was so stunned I forgot to say thank you. THANK YOU.