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quite a few more bugs amber.

Revan's set has long been broken.

image of revans chest plate in 1.6.0
image of revans chest plate in 1.6.1

same bodytype and classs in the pictures, you can see how light grey the set became changed and its ugly. especially in bright lit areas.

set also has two hoods. which is not the case for revan as seen in all convorsation segments of the foundry.
and in the foundry 1.6.1 same as the time this ss above was taken

Pathfinder's AND the Investigator's Robe also suffer from a 2 hood conundrum. while the devistator's also from the CC pack has a wrong icon claiming it has the hood up, now down. not a big issue, but I was set back a few CC coins discovering this the hard way.

Revan's robe leg peice when graphically fixed in 1.6.2 to be the right design, is the wrong color.
When they should be as seen in the previous picture.

and lastly, you guys never did add a "Classic" Version of the Chest and Robes. where it would of been the maelstrom version of revan's chest plate and the old version of the robes you had us use in 1.6.0

The gray helix sabers loose their gree graphic if used with a weapon dissapearing from hand like attack, i.e. saber throw, dispatch, etc. the blade then becomes a shorter normal blade like all the others.

the removed cartel relics Revans Cowl, Bastila's Sash, And the gauntlet of Tulak Hord I hope get returned.

in the 2.0 PTS you finally fix kalig's countenance to work with hoods again after a YEAR. I truly hope this wont be the case with this.