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Even though I'm glad it's returning they probably had the removal of the gold scalene armor planned , the title for legend status is "perfect gold bisector" So putting 1 and 1 together would imply we were going to get something for being legend . A lot of us will be legend a week Tuesday

Now all we need is an update on the 50 planetary comms total and what will happen to the excess when 2.0 goes live.


Alright, I have an answer for ya, I even come bearing details! The answer to the first part is that, as you know, you will have a cap of 50 Planetary Commendations. The new information I have for you (and I confirmed with Ahmad) is that the overflow that you will have when 2.0 launches is another 50 on top of that. What this means is that any Planetary Commendations that you have above 100 will be lost.

Hope that clears it up! Nice work chuixupu on trying to clear it up as well as that had "part" of the answer. Go team!

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