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03.07.2013 , 05:56 PM | #1129
no idea all the specs. All I know is I can move and roam all I want as long as I use my keyboard binds. I try to use my mouse and I get a crash to desktop.... This happens on all the servers I play on and usually when the server population is high.

I play on:
the Shadowlands
Prophecy of the nine or is it five? lol.
and a European server I can't remember the name of.

NEW: I was advised by a friend to run as admin and it worked up until the patch for the double exp weekend. Then, back to the same ********. I can do menus, trades, look at the map, buy stuff in the cartel market, etc. The moment I try to hit an elevator or interact with anything with my mouse I crash to desktop. Any ETA on when this is getting fixed????