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03.07.2013 , 04:53 AM | #86
If dps does the initial pull i guess you should say. Itīs perfectly reasonable for dps to pull agro of trashmobs. Most time the tank jumps in and saves the stupid dps who just jumped first headon into a trash group. Íf not he dies when iīm healing. And when iīm tanking i go by the rule, you pull it, you tank it. So if a dps jumps first in a group of trash iīll wait untill he has tanked it or died from it.

If healer starts healing iīll have to jump in and save the healer ofc, because the dps only fokus on singletarget. Iīll probably tell the healer not to heal stupid dps and the whole group will go "LOL, itīs just trash, itīs easy, relax man"
Thatīs when iīll just leave and take a break from tanking again.

The only problem s that swtor is so easy that 9 times out of 10 the dps realy can solo a group of trash. I tend to just leave on my tank if the group dont let me pull. In leveling FP iīll tell the group to let me pull, and if some stupid dps doesnīt listen iīll tell him again. If that doesnīt help iīll leave.

Yes itīs not that itīs hard to handle when a dps does the pull. Itīs just alot easier when the tank does it. And tanks wants easy groups just as much as the dps.