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03.06.2013 , 12:09 AM | #4
Mostly depends on if you prefer pvp or pve, imo.

Commandos are hella fun, gunnery commandos do both insane burst and sustained damage, and are ranged. The problem is, in pvp, they rarely get the chance to get off their awesome damage because it relies too much on one skill: grav round, which can be easily interrupted. Any smart pvper will target you first and make sure you don't get the chance to rain death upon their team because commandos also don't have a lot of utility/defensive skills (along with the over reliance on grav round) , making them easy kills.

Very useful and fun in pve though, they can occasionally be fun in pvp if the enemy team doesn't attack you... a big mistake that some people will make in pvp is that they think "Oh, commandos suck all around so I'm just going to ignore him", because they dont realize that commandos actually do a ton of damage if left alone.

If you like pvp more, you should definitely roll vanguard.
If you're more focused on pve, and want to do damage, I'd suggest commando since you already have a powertech and know what a vanguard is like.
Or you could decide on either tanking (VG) or healing (Commando), like a previous post said.