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Maybe I can help update you a little on some points... Quotes will be in a separate colour.

Adjust itemization on high end gear to reflect stats desired by that class/AC.
Put a vendor on the Fleets where you can buy mods/enhancements with desirable stats by trading in the unwanted mods that come in raid gear. This would also decrease people wanting to roll on gear from other classes that has better mods.

This is partially addressed with a glitch in the crafting system currently that allows everyone to learn everyone else's schematics without having to raid for the schematics like it was initially intended.

BiS gear is so cheap now it's ridiculous. This is supposedly going to be addressed though in future patches (no word on the current expansion coming out yet.) and then your point is still valid as there is no real way to receive BiS gear without having a local crafter in the guild to make the items or continuously raiding to get 3 of the same piece to get the correct mods/enhancements.

AoE targeting circles should scale to the radius of the ability.

If you're talking about how the Scoundrel Flyby used to be a smaller circle than the AoE actually was, this has been fixed for abilities. All AoE circles display correctly for the size of the ability.

Option for players to receive an out of range error message when they are out of range of friendly abilities targeted on them by Operation/Group members.

This does not exist in game yet, however, there are some abilities that will cast even if the player moves out of range after the healer starts casting. (ie. If I cast UWM on my Scoundrel and my target moves a little out of range the heal still gets to them. If it's a large distance away or LoS then it usually doesn't)

Add a faster, weaker, less efficient spammable heal, such as Benevolence for Sages, for times when faster smaller heals are needed and all of our large heals are overkill.

This is technically not a complete issue. When on my commando I have been able to keep people alive with just HS as it heals between 800-1500 depending on crits and with a TP on the player it becomes really easy to do minor healing with using almost no energy.

Improve Kolto Probe/Slow Release Medpac. Possible suggestions:
Remove need to stack, increase cost to 20 Energy.
Cause 2 stacks to be twice as likely to generate UH/TA

This has actually been slightly modified to help it in 2.0 changes that are scheduled. The energy amount has been reduced a lot so it's easier to keep stacked on everyone in an operation. Before it was difficult to keep this on 4 people effectively while still providing burst healing when needed. With this and the fact that your Pugnacity no longer costs an UH stack it's actually really easy to keep 3 stacks on and have no problems with energy.

Add Synergy to Cover Mechanic
Energy cost reduction while in cover Talent
Alacrity boost while in cover Talent
Healing bonus while in cover Talent

There currently is a small benefit in one fight to stay in cover while healing. In EV fighting the second boss, Gharj, when he does the ground slam if you're in cover you aren't thrown off the platform like every other player. Not much but there is a use for it at least...

Ilum: Healing does not award any mission credits.

Ilum no longer is an open PvP zone nor are there any quests that apply to this.

Increased the talented speed boost on Dodge.

This ability is being redesigned in 2.0 from what I've heard to the point where it no longer increases the speed boost but getting damaged reduces the cd on the ability with an internal cd of 1.5s. This means that if the player is being attacked then Dodge will be available more often.

LS/DS requirements on relics greatly reduce player choice.

This has only ever been during the levelling process. In the elder game content none of the relics are LS/DS required.

To respond to some of your "unsures", the following have not been addressed in any way:

Separate MT and OT frames, and/or symbols on the raid frame.

Enabled raid frames while not grouped

Mouse-over healing functionality

Ability to target all Ops members via keybind

The only 2 I haven't noticed or know about then from your unsures are:

The +hit on Clairvoyance / Penetrating Darkness is useless to the class, especially near the top of the healer tree, and should be replaced with some useful upgrade.

Focus targets should not clear when entering cut scenes and load screens.

Hope that helps to add to your list and welcome back.
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