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Alright. Getting mad at trying to find these things. doesn't help in regards to this matter either. For whatever reason, i can't sign in or create an account with them.

So...the problem seems to be that there is no search method or program to assist you in determining which local stores may carry these blasted time cards. Nor do the customer service people over the phones can help outside of throwing me in the direction of

So maybe you or whomever would like to help me (in other words "tell me")out in determining where these time cards are so i don't have to drive around asking the stores if they have any or possibly make this any easier for me to find the cards. And frankly, calling stores that "might" carry the cards with guessing isn't very appealing...won't bother wasting my time and will just drop the issue and figure the game to be dying if they are that random or difficult to find. Problem is that I don't think its dying, just don't care to put that much into buying something when they are still trying to sell.....

I already browsed for an hour online trying to find a place to get them. And the two places that were supposedly suppose to have them no longer carry them. One of them is Game Stop. And if Game Stop doesn't have them, and I can't find a online search method for other stores that is even remotely up to date.....? I will try calling Best Buy and see if they have any. If not, then my calling around for these cards is done.

Also....I am frankly tired of being told to purchase the cards online.... Frankly, if I was able to do that, I wouldn't be looking for a game card....

Why are these cards sooooooooo difficult to find?

My location is Green Bay, Wisconsin 54303 in the united states. Anyone wish to help me with this situation of a store that might actually carry these now?

I am truly baffled why this issue is so difficult. The employees/creators/whatever they are called, they do want our money right?