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Read the EA finance report for 2012. And if you are so clever as you are think of yourself, you will easily find all the numbers..

I just cant understand one thing about you. If you dont have any problem with the game and allaround happy with it - what are you doing here? You have already proved that you cant help other people that have problems.. Why you are here?
LOL That was exactly my thought. What is his purpose here? Why doesn´t he just enjoy his lag and bug free SWTOR paradise? Why is he mingling with us lost souls in the SWTOR limbo? Please tell me Jarjar, WHY??

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That actually could have an explanation..
As we know, the APAC servers are stand separate from every other hubs (Europe and USA).. And as there is not THAT much load on those servers it may be the providers that BioWare leased the site are able to provide decent support and reliable channels... Furthermore, the APAC servers was not undergo the «Great SuperServer`s Merge» that occurred prior the game went F2P...

And the Europe and America sites have much bigger load.. And as we know the Eaware poilcy in cutting the expences it is completely natural that Eaware have put their Servers in to the cheapest ServerSite they could find... So we have the bottleneck in the channel that go from the site the Swtor Servers are on...
That would explain a lot, those insane connectivity issues started after the server merge. Didnt have those issues at all on my original server.

And what about the random "login service unavailable" issue? For some reason whenever I have those major connectivity issues, I suddenly get that screen a lot. Looks pretty much like an unfunctional game client to me.

Also looks like there are less issues on the PTS, been there for the last couple of days and even though the ping is worse, I have less connectivity issues. So maybe we should all abandon the regular servers, move to PTS and start a new lag and crash free life there . Maybe thats what BW intended in the first place, the live servers are only meant for the chosen ones like Owen the Righteous and Jarjar the Shiny, not for inferior creatures like us.. lol
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Panda ??? who is this Panda U speak of Carl.