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already like a dozen of these threads, same stupid *** replies from admins. It's quite apparent that no one is actually going to try and fix this.

It's not a constant problem, it's a random or every second day problem. So it's not my ISP, connection or PC it's the gosh darn game. Will run fine for days, then suddenly cannot join the game without having random lag spikes exceeding 50k pings. There's an obvious problem BW so fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So your ISP connects directly to Biowares server? NO

You have no idea how many things are between your computer and their server. If anything in between has an issue then you will feel it.

I would be willing to be many people complaining are also connecting with wireless networks. Are you?

Next time you experience the problem create a thread with a traceroute to your game server. Although traceroute isn't a good tool it can help give an idea of what is going on. It would also help to have a trace of things working as they should.