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I have 9 Chars at lvl 50. One of each class and a second smuggler (to have a stealth class on Rep as well).
Here is how i have done it:
Played till lvl 16 with some legacy exp boosts, then sat several kids (cousins, neighbourhoof, etc pp)in front of my computer while i had better things to do and let them play the spacecombat a few hours.
Then with 3-5 levels more i played the classmissions to gain some exp out of it. This way i got lvl 50 on 5 Chars within 3 months without playing more then the classmission =)
I only played one impchar regularly (to see all the other missions).

The sad point is, the kids arent "good" enough for the HM Spacemissions, and its way to expensive to buy the new gear for all chars. =)
Holy ****. Lol. Did you pay them?