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03.02.2013 , 04:23 PM | #19
I mentioned it before somewhere, but I would love if more games took Riot's approach to it. It's a rather forward thinking approach to reports/suspensions/bans. The more a player is reported the more likely they are to appear in the Tribunal. The Tribunal is basically any number of players who meet certain criteria that voluntarily view why the person was reported and chose to either Pardon the case for not enough to Punish on, Punish the case for clear guilt, or skip the case due to not being sure one way other the other. If the majority of players deem the actions to merit a punishment then the player is suspended in increasing increments of time up until 1 week/2week suspension. After that, if the player hasn't changed their ways they get the ban hammer.

Internet based games in general have slid down as far as standards and who better to judge than the players who are subjected to the nonsense? A lot of people criticize the whole setup and it probably does have it's flaws, but it is quick and it is efficient. Players that feel they have been wrongly suspended are able to make a case for themselves and attempt to have it lifted. Players who are banned don't get such a luxury. If you've been suspended that many times, you're doing something wrong.