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To bubble or not to bubble (your teammates as a dps sage)? That is the question. Well, it depends on some factors. If there is a sage healer it should be avoided as you are messing up with his healing rotations and priorities. So if there is no sage healer around?

As full balance it should be avoided as it exhausts your force quickly and sacrifice only creates deadlocks in force management due to decreased regeneration rates.

As bubble stun hybrid, hopefully you have invested a point in effusion which a day and night difference in force management. In that case between channeling of tk throw you can be selective and throw a bubble now and then which if well placed can help your team.

Also regardless of dps spec you can throw a bubble to a few of your teammates due to cooldown at spawn and regain your force in a few secs, as you shouldn't be the one opening the attack. Running to assist a solo defender, you can give him a bubble even better from 30m. There are a few more exceptions also that a bubble is worth your force points.

Healing as dps should be avoided at all times. Your heals are weak and force exhausting. The only person might worth throwing a heal situationally if a healer is not on the field is your tank who tends to guard you. There are a few more exceptions where switching to healing is preferred but normally it should be avoided.

Now, someone might say that I play a healing hybrid, well the only healing hybrid worth playing is a tk one for the bubble stun and the force management easiness, in return you are giving up your powerful aoe heal and some healing bonuses. Also this tk hybrid is poor in dps, so you should be playing as a normal healer. But what about a healing balance hybrid. From my experience this is the worst of the worst. You are taking penalties in your healing, ommiting bubble stun, force management or the extra cc goodies of the tk tree, and the gains from balance do not give good burst dps nor strong dots. In other words you have medium heals, bad force management, medium to bad cc, medium dps. You are there trying to cover holes mediumly and thisis not useful.