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It's not hard to think how it would help, since free warzones = more people playing = more possible subscribers or people who use the shop. You would be surprised of how much the average american joe spends each month on f2p games.

This games does not survive through subscription, don't lie to yourself.
More people playing does not equate to more subs. You can already get the gear without having to pay and it just takes a little longer. Look a person needs to just sub for one month. Get all of his gear and buy as much wz passes they need. Then they never have to pay for the game again until the expansion comes out. The game is F2P and the limit of 5 matches is little this I agree with. But if they really wanted to play more they would either sub or buy warzone passes. If they are not buying the passes then it is on them. You don't even have to spend 1 dollar of real money to play pvp. It is all there within the current system. Farm credits and for about a 100k you can buy a wz pass. It now is free with no restrictions and meets all the criteria the OP wanted. There is a way, but all of you people saying that there should be no restrictions are not making sense. You can do it if you just saved some credits. If people are not doing this then once again it is on them. In this society majority of people want things without working for it. The game is F2P and has allowed the F2P players opputunities to be able to play for free. Just work within the system. How much more free can it be if you can just buy the passes and farm credits.