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No you said PVP is not flawed. Do I need to quote that part again? Not flawed... has no flaws... flawless. Are you confused?
So, for one, I aready suggested a reduction of rewards upon completeing a warzone by 90% so a non-sub player. First, you didn't read the thread and just started yapping. Second if you payed attention, it wasn't my post you replied to with your IQ brag, it was Coldin's. 140 IQ... right....

But feel free not to reply. In fact I hope you don't.
Your arguing semantics now. I said it was not flawed, that is not the same as saying its perfect and you know it. I agree with your seven points, but that was not the issue. The issue was how removing the restriction on games would increase revenue. To this point, no one has been able to even suggest how they think it would.
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