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03.02.2013 , 11:58 AM | #66
What kind of logic is if you make it free more people will pay for it? If anything is free why would you pay money for it. If there were no restrictions nobody would pay. Eventually you can gear up without having to play. Seperating queues will totally go against your point of having shorter q times. I like the F2P players and it has saved the game for now. It is not going to make it any better by allowing f2p with no restrictions. What if the pve people say the "PVE IS NOT THAT GREAT. THERE SHOULD BE NO RESTRICTIONS TO THE AMOUNT OF FP WE CAN RUN." So basically with your logic it means that if a certain group of people don't think its fair than everyone can ask for it for free? I mean is that what is going to save the game?

There is a steady climb of subs because the game went f2p. You can buy one weekly wz pass on the gtn with the credits you earn. Continue to make enough credits to buy one wz pass. The game then becomes unlimited to the people who just want to pvp. They still don't need to spend any real money. I don't see the problem. The thread shouldve been about how they can maximize the use of F2P rather than just giving it away. Like I said why play if you don't think its that great. All I see from the OP is complaints about the game. If the game is bad as you say it is not going to matter what you do people will still quit. The reason this debate is still going is because people want to play the game. People think the pvp is still good even with the flaws. I just don't see how making it free is going to get more subs.