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I don't see why you have to feel insulted. I don't even see why you feel attacked, in fact the only thing that might come off as hostile in my post would be that I disagreed, based on what I've seen so far, with your sudden, out - of - nowhere, remark about your IQ. And how could you guess my tone from a post? If you got issues with that I suggest you read this reply with a soft tone of voice, I don't care, the message in it has to get across.

PVP not flawed. Then it must be flawless? Are you serious? And good for you that you enjoy it, I enjoy it too, the problem is I enjoy it a little too rare because of the queue, so before you draw conclussions, get your facts straight. I like SWTOR PVP, I am also aware it has major issues and won't pretend they don't exist.

If you do get payed for your opinion on business, then you probably don't get payed alot, all things considered. And how would you know what my job is? No seriously? This is the third time you pull this out-of-the-blue remarks, what's wrong with you? Do some research before you open your mouth. But you know what, let's analize PVP for a second, your flawless product:
1. Class imbalance
2. Bugs
3. No large scale PVP
4. Hacking
5. Gear gaps
6. No matchmaking
7. Twinking
Should I go on? PVP is flawed and they are selling a flawed product. Now I'm fine with the subscriprion because I played this game since launch and I know what it can offer me and PVP is not the only thing in it, but to charge people based on what? On a flawed experience where they run into the above-mentioned isses? But according to you it's how you sell a product, by giving the potential client a frustrating, brief sample? So, really? Someone pays you for your opinon on business for real?

But hey. maybe in your next reply you can mention how much you make per year or what car you drive... you know, information no one asked for and probably not one cares to hear.
Your still not getting it. I never said PVP was flawless. You still have not said how making it free could increase revenue. Until you do that, I give up responding to you, your just after a debate with no actual debating g from you.

Also I will go there. I earn a crap load for my opinions on business. It's not relevant I know. The initial comment about IQ was to debunk your statement that claimed anyone not agreeing with you was stupid.

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