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03.02.2013 , 10:33 AM | #108
The simple fact is, if I spec into pure dps on my Sorc I should have as much chance to kill another pure dps profession as they do me. We're both meant to be pure dps and our low armour should mean we are powerful glass canons. Right now we're glass canons without balls, canon balls I mean. Everyone knows it so please stop pretending this is s L2P issue. Only tanks should be able to shrug off our dps and attack us, not other dps classes like sentinels. If I get the drop on a sentinel and manage to reel off 2/3 moves before they turn and jump at me, THEY SHOULD DIE FIRST. This isn't the case.

Some folks are bigging up the slight boost to dps Sorcs are getting in 2.0, but the problem professions for us are also getting boosts! Plus, Bioware took the instant WW out of madness.

Everyone is saying it, Sorcs/sages are good only for healing in 2.0. This isn't balance, 2.0 is the same old nonsense dressed up in new boxes.

tsk tsk.
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