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Well personally man I don't think it is enough incentive. If you are new it would'nt matter how long it takes because the majority of people will think that it is the normal grind. If you can get things for free, but takes a little longer I think most people wouldn't want to sub. Also if you are already a sub and unsub. You have the gear already so credits and coms would not affect that person. Personally I wouldn't pay for a sub if I could do what I liked to do for free. But that is just me. I think more people will unsub and just play for free because why do I need the credits and coms if I only want to pvp. TBH man you make a lot of sense, but the OP states that pvp is not that great. What does it matter to him if it's not that great. Why does it bother him if it's free or not. He doesn't even like it. That is my issue.

because the OP is only trying to make thigns better for the f2p community i like pvp but doesnt mean that i think the pvp system in this game is brilliant hwen i agree with the OP its not that good and i pvp 90% of hte time, all the OP suggested was give f2p players a less of a restriction to give them motive to be coem a subscriber and i agree with him, and personaly i couldnt give a crap about longer que times or shorter que times, if it meant id be able to enjoy a warzone