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I have looked at the Elite War Hero gear and it is not much better than Normal War Hero gear, in some cases the stats are almost identical or less, I do not understand why that is.

How do i get my stats upto the optimum, I saw a Sage today in my WZ who had something like 130 END 130 Willpower on her chest piece I did not notice the rest of the gear but she has over 20k hp and double my dps

at end of that WZ and 1 other I played with her I did 240k damage she did 450k both game, so her stats MUCH higher, how do i achieve this.
Augmented Elite War Hero, the willpower augments add +18 willpower, +12 endurance, to each and every piece you augment. You can augment every slot. Elite War Hero Force-Master chest augmented would have 122 Will 122 End, not sure I'd trade the armorings (the mods, not the full piece) out for PvE ones, really depends on the set bonus, and the loss of expertise (50 expertise on each armoring) isn't made up by gaining 8 willpower and 8 endurance (at the top end of expertise, it's a loss of 0.63% damage and 0.40% damage reduction). 8 endurance = 80 hp, and 8 willpower = 1.6 damage plus a little crit chance. To calculate if the exchange it worth it, take your Force Bonus Damage and multiply by 0.0063 = X, and your max hp and multiply that by 0.0040 = Y, if it's more than X damage and Y hp, then it's not worth it unless your set bonus on PvE gear completely surpasses the set bonus on PvP gear (such as buffing skills you actually use alot, or lowering cooldowns on skills you use, whereas the PvP set bonus basically has no effect on your gameplay). I know for example the 2 pc PvE set bonus and 2 pc PvP set bonus benefits a scrapper scoundrel alot more than the 4 pc. PvP set bonus, and would make the loss of expertise irrelevant, even if the armorings were inferior. But I'd still start out with getting Elite War Hero gear first, augmenting, and then min/maxing from there.