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Ya that does seems weird,
its normal if the 1st team doesnt get it and the seccond team gets the door really fast it will finish earlyer,
but the contrary is not normal.
Ive seen that also in maps like huttball where the goals were accredited to the wrong team,
like frogdogs score for example and the goals went to worms.
But if i recall the daily credit still went to the winner.
That was a bug with the scorecard, but huttball match tallied correctly. If you looked up at the ceiling in your spawn point, it would show the correct color of your team, yellow = frogdogs, purple = rotworms. And if you looked across to the other team's spawn point, you'd see their color. That was the first clue, looking across the arena and seeing yellow, when the scorecard said you were frogdogs. You knew then that the scorecard bug hit.

And in that particular match of VS, the second team blew the doors 0:40 faster than the first team did. Times in VS work this way, first round you get 7:30 time to get the datacore, if you fail to do so, round 2 starts with 7:30 time to get the datacore as well. If you do get the datacore, round 2 starts with 7:30 minus whatever time you had left. Let's assume his team got the datacore at 1:30 remaining, so they got the datacore in 6 minutes. Round 2 started with 6 minutes, assuming it took 10 seconds to get the core after the doors blew, that means they got the core with 30 seconds remaining, meaning they got it in 5:30.

VS matches are no longer played out to 7:30 for both rounds since people in the second round that had a guaranteed win (they got farther than the first round), would simply proceed no farther than necessary to win (they wouldn't try for the datacore), and just sit there and farm the other team for medals. This is also why they made it so the match ends in the second round as soon as you get past the point that the first team got.