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So my team got the core and downloaded it before the time ran out. Imps blow the doors to the core and didn't download it. Time ran out for them. We blew the doors at around 1:40 left and they blew the doors at 0:40 left. How did they win?
You blew the doors with 1:40 remaining out of the full time, they blew the doors with 2:20 remaining of the full time, it won't necessarily report they downloaded the datacore because of the voiceover/announcements lags, especially in VS lately, but chances are, they probably downloaded the core before you did. Soon as they click on the terminal, the warzone ends, so any lag in VO or announcements would just cause such to not initiate, it would just go straight to the end-match VO.

I've had cases where the VO/announcement is lagging more than 10 seconds behind the action in the warzone. It would notify about the bomb being planted on a door, and you look up at the scorecard of the warzone and see 8 seconds remaining on the bomb. That's one of those moments you go.. What the... but then realize they planted 12 seconds ago, the VO/announcement system is just lagging hard lately, seemingly across all warzones and I really can't explain why (it happens in matches even without noticeable lag in the action around you).

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but many on my server have noticed the announcement lag.