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03.02.2013 , 07:09 AM | #1
I have all War Hero gear the following stats are based off that gear, how do I increase it to what somebody claimed was the perfect stat setup for a sage

END = 1511
WILL = 1498
EXP = 1329
Bonus Damage = 745.7
Crit% = 23.49
Crit Multi = 79.41
HP = 17787

The stats someone said I need to get to
Willpower = 2000
Bonus damage = 900
Crit = 31%
Crit Multi = 79%

I have looked at the Elite War Hero gear and it is not much better than Normal War Hero gear, in some cases the stats are almost identical or less, I do not understand why that is.

How do i get my stats upto the optimum, I saw a Sage today in my WZ who had something like 130 END 130 Willpower on her chest piece I did not notice the rest of the gear but she has over 20k hp and double my dps

at end of that WZ and 1 other I played with her I did 240k damage she did 450k both game, so her stats MUCH higher, how do i achieve this.