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03.01.2013 , 05:32 PM | #24
Hold it!! I need some clarification when people are saying that they're never expereincing any frame rate issues, is that in context of just warzones or in the context of the things mentioned in the OP (which covered more than wz)?

The reason to why I'm asking is because my own computer can best be described as a Transformer in comparison to some of the specs that people have posted and claimed will have no issues with the game. I'm never having problems in warzones or in areas with give or take 30 people but it seems like there is a threshold, a threshold that will be met around GTN and the PvP mission box during prime time (max settings). Are you honestly telling me that you're not experiencing any drops in these two areas? I wouldnt even describe the issues I'm having as fps drops, stuttering would be a better description. And you have no issues here whatsoever? That is strange.

I'm on a 100/100 connection btw so bandwidth isnt the issue either.