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I have been researching the Jedi Order and I play a Jedi Knight in game. For RP purposes I have been trying to figure out what it means to be a Jedi Knight in the Star Wars Galaxy.

I have been a big fan of Jedi's since I was young and have always loved the idea of the force and especially the lightsaber .

Though as I started to research Jedi more they seem to become even more mysterious. At first their belief in the force and their search for peace seems more like Buddhist monk philosophy and at other times more like a knight who fights for "truth and justice".

The part of the Jedi that seems most like knights is their service to the republic. From what I have read the Jedi Knights serve the ideas the Republic were based on. The Jedi in the stories always seem to go on diplomatic missions trying to encourage other races and species to join the Republic. They even seem like the Republics poster boys/girls.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Force. From what I have read about the force it seems to be a lot like Chi. The Jedi trust in the force and seek to understand its mysteries. This to me is the most mystical side of the Jedi. It makes them seem more like Chinese mystics that sit in temples and meditate hoping to gain more insight into the Force. This part of the Jedi Path always seemed the most intriguing to me but its a path of self discovery and one of enlightenment. In my opinion its the search to understand something bigger than yourself.

So what does the Jedi Knight hope to achieve? What are his/her goals? Is the Jedi Knight a protector of the Republic or Zen Master hoping to gain more understanding of the force. What happens when these two goals contradict one another? A Jedi Knight at times seems like a heroic weapons master fighting for Justice and what is "right". Other times they seem like temple monks meditating on the force and trying to discover its mysteries.

So what is a Jedi Knight to you?