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Like I wrote in the Feedback-thread on the PTS-forum and several other players have tried to bring forth:

Commandos doesn't have any clear purpose team-wise in competitive forms of PvP.

Sure, we can hide in a corner or hump pillars trying to get our interruptible, proc-depending casts off. The fact still remains that Gunslingers can do pretty much everything Commandos can do, and do i way better.

Commandos need a unique skill that supports the team and makes us wanted for Ranked PvP.

The survivability is there as 2.0 stands. With Hold the Line and Electro Net (too long cooldown) we've been given our so long desired escapes, no more taking a smash to the face every time a melee-class leaps us.
I'm not sure where you are coming from but Commando definitely has a clear purpose in PvP and thats doing damage. That Commandos right now suck at dealing damage in pvp compared to every other class doesen't get fixed by some unique skill that magically makes everyone want you unless that skill is so unbalanced that the team just has to ignore the lost dmg. What Commandos need is a fix to their skills so they aren't completely shut down if someone pretty much just looks their way with an interrupt.
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