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02.28.2013 , 11:25 PM | #1433
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Finding pretty much the same thing in pugged warzones myself, though electro net is really aimed at organised groups. Without a called target it's way less useful.

The problem with Hold the Line is all the Pyro PTs/Assault Vanguards running around with it. Yegads.

2.0 is starting to look like a bit of a bust as far as rebalancing for pvp goes. I have more tools, but so does everyone else, and my time-till-death is way down. Conversely, it seems much much harder to kill healers now.
Yeah its a bust for Mercs. I had such high hopes as well. If anything it looks like the DPS is even worst now on the Mercs. We do get some very high hits, but so does all the other classes. I actually think they could be funner to play in 2.0, they just need DPS. DPS is lower than it was on live IMO.