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02.28.2013 , 12:52 AM | #9
>Best class for DoT?

For PvE or PvP?

For PvE almost all of the DoT dps subclasses are viable. Merc Pyro and Operative Lethality are probably the least preferred but can be carried by a good set of teammates.

For PvP, don't use a DoT dps subclass. It's that simple. The way the game has evolved, at the top skill levels, your team MUST coordinate mezz/cc attempts to suppress the last defenders to enable a cap/node turnover. And your DoT damage screws that up. So you are actually detrimental to your team's attacking efforts. And since DoT doesn't correspondingly hinder an enemy cap, you have no compensating defensive advantages. No good ranked team wants a DoT dps player. The one exception to this rule is the PT Pyro. His burst is high enough that some teams will take one in spite of his DoT.