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Quote: Originally Posted by kalibri View Post
Cause it seems to be the same beta.

Where's my high res textures ?
Why is the grass growing 30m in front of me while on High settings ?
Why is my female smuggler running funny while having the blaster out ?
Why my tickets are Closed while unresolved ?

Beta ? Seems so. Early beta, even.

Poor job Bioware, very poor job. I don't care about server queues, non-existant customer support, but the game as a whole has an unfinished feel.

Fanboys, if you post telling me I'm crazy, you must be delusional yourselves, so just don't. No amount of love for Bioware (which I always admired) and Star Wars (which I will still love) can change the fact that this game was not ready for launch.
The presence of bugs and issues doesn't mean an application is still in the beta testing phase. Please take some software development classes and learn how Alphas, Betas, Release Candidates, and Gold versions work.

It will help maintain more credibility in your future postings.
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