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If I'm gonna be honest, while obviously updating you're computer with new hardware will improve your FPS, it's the games faults aswell, or rather the makers of the game, the amount of graphical options available on this game is too few.

The one thing that really disturbed me is that they have no slider for FoV (Field of View/Vision) which makes a lot of stuff spawn way ahead, often too far when not needed, like trees or bushes, or even mobs, players should be shown way ahead of course, but the stuff mentioned before does not need to spawn that far ahead.
If you have a computer that can handle it then great but a lot of people don't, and don't have the money to upgrade their computer either.

My computer can handle it decently, like, I can play, my fps drops to around ~30 in Warzones, 20-25 if a lot of AoE's and a lot of people on screen.

If they would have just added a slider for FoV it would improve so much, there's really just so much even outside the map I don't even need to see at all.

Now the work to do it is, I believe a lot more time consuming than if they had just added the option while they were making the game.
Though I'm not sure, I'm no coder, but can't think of anything else as for the reason why they haven't added the option yet.

Just wanted to get that off my shoulders.
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