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02.27.2013 , 12:42 PM | #2
Carnage maras will be very diffrent in 2.0, and powertech will have some fun changes. But my personal opinion, the sniper/gunslinger and Vengance jugg changes are the most appealing to me. I think they will be incredibly fun if you don't feel like leveling a new toon. I can't help you if you are wanting the new FoTM class for 2.0, with the bolster bug its too early to tell and well, you shouldnt wanna play like that anywayz.

The question is which of your current characters/playstyles do you like the most. Look at that classes changes and move to the next one. Cuz you shouldn't play something think is op. That's because of the player. Too many times do I kite maras/sents around with my sniper without taking any damage due to the amount of players playing a class because its good and not because they want to master it. The good ones make me work hard for my kills.