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Nearly half of the warzones it looks like it:

Enemy gets 2 turrets or goals or advance fast... and 2,3,4 people quit. Another are joining. They quit too, cursing for joining lost WZ ... etc. So, maybe add a penalty for quitting warzone in middle? Like 10-15 minute ban for entering another warzone?
I understand that people does not want to play when they're losing due to incompetent team (sometimes I have the urge to quit as well). Quitting in middle, though, severely cripple the rest of the team.
YES there must be stiffer penalties though i have seen incoming players turn the whole thing around and into a win. I will personally not leave no matter what, fight on till the bitter end and its not like you aren't going to get anything as the rewards, however small, can still be used to get better gear until youre full elite and full holding entitlement.

Its bad form indeed............people should be more about enjoying the pvp environment, its not only about winning and i for one enjoy it and have a good laff doing so too
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