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Nearly half of the warzones it looks like it:

Enemy gets 2 turrets or goals or advance fast... and 2,3,4 people quit. Another are joining. They quit too, cursing for joining lost WZ ... etc. So, maybe add a penalty for quitting warzone in middle? Like 10-15 minute ban for entering another warzone?
I understand that people does not want to play when they're losing due to incompetent team (sometimes I have the urge to quit as well). Quitting in middle, though, severely cripple the rest of the team.
People pay money to get a fun, if they do not have fun - they quit. They quit uncoordinated or weak/badly geared teams (wz, fp, ops), especially in wz whenever they face strong premade(or just good team). Weak doesn't mean dumb players, just can b lack of heals/composition or something else.

Ism a bit surprised that a number players have nazi philosophy "let's punish em". Instead of it u have to ask devs to make wz more enjoyable.

For example, I don't like yr thread, shall i ask devs to cancel yr subscription?
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