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02.25.2013 , 05:08 PM | #10
I didn't start this topic out of a situational rage mood. I also play a marauder (carnage) and although he gets killed quite often, he kills quite often himself.
In WZs, if my marauder gets attacked, it's a 50% win/loss. If the sorc gets attacked, it's a 90% loss and the remaining 10% is when fighting other sorcs/sages. Worth mentioning that the sorc is better geared than the marauder. Still, the marauder's burst is already 2X that of the sorcerer.
I'm not saying that a sorc should have a caranage mara's burst, but he should have sufficient burst for at least being able to nuke the oponent when he's slowed or at range. Currently, the only thing you can do as a sorc against a non-sorc is to run away. If you manage to do so and he swaps target, you'll find yourself scratching him with a completely ridiculous dmg from behind. If he comes back, you're dead. If not, he's dead, but only if somebody else helps making dmg cause yours is not enough.