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Quote: Originally Posted by Cretinus View Post
If melee wants to kill you, then melee will kill you in 2 GCDs. Might take a few jumps on you, but he will.
But hey: If he doesn't notice you, you can range DPS him to 2/3 HP within 8 casted GCDs!

If pyro gets close to you, then pyro will 1hit you.
But hey: Don't be a baddy! Just kite him! While doing so, you can do .... absolutely nothing. And sooner or later you'll be eating that granade. But hey: you're not alone, are you? You can win every 2X1 against a pyro! If you kite him that is, cause otherwise he will 1hit you.

Assassin comes out of stealth and hits your HP down to 1/3?
Not a problem. You have CCs! He's immune? Well, every class has a hard counter, doesn't it?

And anyway: Together with a healer, you can win every 1X1! Wait, that's 2X1.... oh well. Who cares.
And anyway: If the group protects you, you can even do some decent assists with dmg from behind. Not as good as those 7K Gods, but hey! You're not taking any dmg, as long as you're not taking any dmg, so too much burst would be OP!
And anyway: The game is not balanced for 1X1. Other classes demolish everything 1X1, but hey! Te game is not balanced for 1X1!
And anyway: You have that stupid bubble stun on every1. What? You're DPS and have too much CD on the bubble? Well, respecc heal then!

So stop being a baboon. The game is not balanced for 1X1, or for pugs. Learn 2p and go scientific with min/max/augment/gearing and also with gameplay and once in a while you might get a 4K crit, or even beat a marauder 1X1. At least if you have a healer helping out. What? That's not 1X1? Well, the game isn't balanced around 1X1, is it?
I've been playing a DPS sorc and I'm a pro and I tell you: DPS sorc is fine. L2p.
Pretty much shows the post 1.2 PvP sorc situation in and the cynicism behind it.

I applaud you.
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