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If melee wants to kill you, then melee will kill you in 2 GCDs. Might take a few jumps on you, but he will.
But hey: If he doesn't notice you, you can range DPS him to 2/3 HP within 8 casted GCDs!

If pyro gets close to you, then pyro will 1hit you.
But hey: Don't be a baddy! Just kite him! While doing so, you can do .... absolutely nothing. And sooner or later you'll be eating that granade. But hey: you're not alone, are you? You can win every 2X1 against a pyro! If you kite him that is, cause otherwise he will 1hit you.

Assassin comes out of stealth and hits your HP down to 1/3?
Not a problem. You have CCs! He's immune? Well, every class has a hard counter, doesn't it?

And anyway: Together with a healer, you can win every 1X1! Wait, that's 2X1.... oh well. Who cares.
And anyway: If the group protects you, you can even do some decent assists with dmg from behind.
And anyway: Te game is not balanced for 1X1. Other classes demolish everything 1X1, but hey! Te game is not balanced for 1X1!
And anyway: You have that stupid bubble stun on every1. What? You're DPS and have too much CD on the bubble? Well, respecc heal then!

So stop being a baboon. The game is not balanced for 1X1, or for pugs. Learn 2p and go scientific with min/max/augment/gearing and also with gameplay and once in a while you might get a 4K crit, or even beat a marauder 1X1. At least if you have a healer helping out. What? That's not 1X1? Well, the game isn't balanced around 1X1, is it?
wow lol. My sage has never been killed in 2 GCD unless i was being attacked by 5 people. this is definitely a L2P issue. DPS Sage/Sorcs are suppose to DPS and if you aren't completely horrible they do a damn good job of it. Not to mention it is super easy to also get over 200K healing done as a DPS Sage/Sorc. Please for the love of GOD stop making these stupid threads. Sage/Sorcs are no where near under powered.

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