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02.25.2013 , 01:07 PM | #10
Personally, I see it this way.

Limiting F2P/Preferred players access to warzones actually hurts the Sub player. It means there are less people to play with in warzones, which makes longer queues. The limited warzones also leads to Free Players ditching warzones that they can't win, in hopes of entering a warzone where their limited entries will count for more. There's also little incentive for a F2P player to stay in SWTOR once they've exhausted their weekly limit

I propose they remove the Weekly Warzone restriction, but in return, reduce the amount of commendations earned by 20%. The weekly pass then could remove this penalty. It matches the similar restriction in place for leveling, but allows the F2P to keep playing, keeping them more invested in the game. Plus, the F2P is already paying almost a third more than the Sub player for the exact same gear.