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It's funny. I see a lot of people complaining about elietest who like to show off their DPS numbers if their were a meter and saying how its not necessary. The truth is that DPS meters are very helpful such as if your in a raid and you cant beat an enrage timer, what are you going to do, just sit there and continue to get face-raped by the boss or actually have some numbers which would help you determine who is bull ******** and who is actually taking it seriously. Yes I agree in some cases It is not necessary and just there for people to talk **** but their are useful cases where it would be great to have it.

The problem is not the DPS meter, it is the way that TOO MANY players think it is the end-all-be-all.

As to your question about what to do if a raid group cannot beat a rage timer....Ever here the phrase, "walk away." There are times when an operation group you are in simply cannot cut it. A good leader will know when it is time to simply walk away - DPS meter or not.