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Why are soldiers and Jedi putting valuable armor and weaponry on a trade network in which a Sith or Imperial could acquire it, and vice versa? Certainly there must be Republic- or Imperial-only auctions.

Why do I have to wait until I am on the capital to acquire a speeder? Surely, Nem'ro the Hutt must have a speeder side-business, or Fort Garnik must have a speeder acquisitions pool! Makes a bit more sense at the Jedi and Sith academies, as you (shouldn't) wander far from those places, so you shouldn't need a vehicle. And certainly they couldn't have a speeder for every Padawan and Knight. But in the other two places, you'd think a bounty hunter and/or undercover agent could buy a speeder in a crime city, and a trooper should be able to acquire a speeder to get from the fort to the frontlines, or a smuggler could surely get one from Viidu.