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XD - somehow I don't think Khem Val is going to fit...
Push him hard enough and you can just barely squish him in there. Careful opening it up, tho.

How is it I can walk thru just about other character ? Peak time at fleet should be a bunch of jostling around, toes being stepped on, apologies given , tempers flaring and issues of honor (hurt feelings) being settled by duels and brawls. Standing around the GTN and mailbox would be a lot different if all 250 people were all trying to push their way in close enough to click on- then fight to maintain position so you peruse the items.

I can walk thru characters but get stuck on tiny variations in floor heights. Then, most times I can't just hop up and over, but have to back up a bit and then run and jump over that obstacle. I feel silly when that happens
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