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The man looked menacing to say the least, he was at least six feet, had scars all over his face, he had long hair tied back in a pony tail, "He....Hello sir! I am Favalia Lukarn, you called me in for the sand people pandemic," she sighed, talking about her job or things related always calmed her down good news, or bad,

Kriegus smiled at the young woman, He saw a certain fear in her eyes, it was most likely from the scars, most people have the same reaction, "Looking at my battle scars eh'?"" he said with a smile, "Ye.. Yes sir may I ask how you got them?" his smile got wider, he loved telling stories of the battles he was in, "A IED on balmorra, some dirty traitors put it there," his smile lessened at the words 'traitors' it stuck in his head like a blaster bolt, he was after all helping the republic, the town was neutral towards it all, but he still felt guilty helping them at points, "But, that's not important, follow me," he led her into a small meeting room, "The other doctors have already been in here," he handed her a stack of papers, "Look through those,"

Favalia looked through the papers, ' Subdural hematoma, internal bleeding, rashes, signs of heart attack, dehydration, injuries to the teeth and throat, ' "these all sound like symptoms of very different things,"

Kriegus nodded, "That's our dilemma, the SIS headquarters have given you doctors room for experiments, autopsies and whatever else, it's just across the road, I could lead you there if you like, sometimes these streets are dangerous for woman at night," He led her outside the room and into the SIS headquarters, inside in the make shift lab, there was a Mon Calamari a Duros, and a Rodian, "He....Hello all, I am Dr. Favalia Lukarn, it's a honor to serve with you," they all nodded, the time for introductions was later, there was work to be done now,
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