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Quote: Originally Posted by JoeeyyMagzz View Post
... So, throwing someone out of STORY MODE content because they "lack" gear is extremely stupid, selfish, and not even worth defending. ...
You make good points and I do understand where you're coming from.

But this particular statement stands out to me. I'd like to argue in the opposite direction.

Gear is so ridiculously easy to get, why would you want to group with someone who is too lazy / stupid to obtain it? Did you see the post about the tank and dps who were running a HM FP in level 40 gear? With free Tionese available? That's either someone who is purposefully downgearing for a challenge or is so clueless about how the game works that they're more likely to be a hazard than an asset.

How about the guy trying to pug SM EC in Tionese? SURE you can do it in Tionese with a good group. But it is So. Damn. Easy to obtain better gear, why does this guy not have any by the time he's asking to pug SM EC?

I go back to an earlier point I made. When I first hit level 50 I wanted to make sure I was contributing to the group and wouldn't be a drag. First operation I joined dropped me because my hp was too low. I didn't whine and moan. I ran some more HM FPs, got some more gear, and posted on the forum asking for advice on becoming a better player.

Isn't that a healthier attitude than, "those elitist creeps are being mean!"