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Quote: Originally Posted by JawaJedi View Post
SI=becomes second to One in Empire, major power player
SW=becomes someones *****, no real power
SW=More Powerful at the end???

Now, I haven't played through either story all the way through, but I do remember during the beta SW was too dull to get past Korriban.
SI has been interesting in comparison.
I personally don't like these "do something incredible/become god" type of arguements...I feel like that's what spawns Revan fanboys....
But to each their own. Who knows, maybe SI goes downhill and SW goes uphill. I didn't read the spoiler tag, for obvious reasons.
What? the Warrior becomes second to one(the emperor) in the empire, while the inquisitor becomes one of 12.

Also, am I the only one who noticed how useless the force sensitives on the empires side are?

Both are just finishing grudges with other sith.

The Bounty Hunter, alternatively, can kill the Supreme Chancellor.

And the Agent saves the empire twice and the universe once. What the hell?